Bonefishing in New Caledonia / La pêche au Bonefish en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Bonefish New Caledonia
Photo Credit: Carl McNeil

Living and doing most of my day to day fly fishing in New Caledonia, I couldn’t resist re-posting this article by Carl McNeil (founder of Swift Fly Fishing) originally published on the MidCurrent travel blog: Bonefishing in New Caledonia.

Apart from the fly fishing aspect of the post, which gives an accurate insight into saltwater fly fishing on the flats in the far North of New Caledonia’s mainland (known as the “Grande Terre”), the article really focuses on what went into scoping New Caledonia as a bonefishing destination and some of the actors (including Carl himself) who contributed to the development of  a flats sports-fishery including training local guides. Continue reading “Bonefishing in New Caledonia / La pêche au Bonefish en Nouvelle-Calédonie”

New “Tails On The Fly” Website


Just a quick post to let you know that “On The Fly” has become “Tails On The Fly” with a brand new web domain: ! Come and check it out at Tails On The Fly

Un message rapide pour vous informer que “On The Fly” est devenu “Tails on the Fly” avec un nouveau domaine: ! Jetez-y un oeil à Tails On The Fly


Fly Fishing Film Review: “Providence”

On stopover last night in Auckland, New Zealand, en route for New Caledonia, I watched this superb fly fishing film from Confluence Films for the second time.

“Providence” is everything the trailer promises and more. It is the story of a return to Providence in October 2015 after five years of absence for those who helped pioneer the Seychelles as a world-class fly fishing destination; Continue reading “Fly Fishing Film Review: “Providence””

Why I Tie Flies

For me, tying flies has become an integral part of fly fishing. I couldn’t imagine being a fly fisherman without tying my own flies. This is purely a personal perspective and this post is not intended to “give a lesson” to those anglers who love the sport of fly fishing but have neither the time nor the inclination to tie their own flies. Continue reading “Why I Tie Flies”

Rio Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards

This is well worth checking out for those of you interested in fly fishing films and, above all, making fly fishing films. Take a look at the teaser below and the link to more information can be found in the post from MidCurrent.

Pour celles et ceux intéressés par les films de pêche à la mouche et, surtout, par la réalisation de films de pêche à la mouche, prenez le temps de regarder l’annonce ci-dessous ainsi que le lien pour plus d’informations via MidCurrent.

RIO is currently accepting entries for their 2017 Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards. Rules and entry information can be found here.

via Video Hatch: “RIO Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards Teaser” — MidCurrent

On The Fly’s First Video / Premier Film de On The Fly

My first shot at a short fly fishing video here, so lots of fun to make but certainly not as polished as I’d like it to be. Very much a tongue in cheek look at some of the fun we get up to in New Caledonia with my friend and fellow fly fishing fanatic Stéphane Allier. 

Mon début comme réalisateur de films de pêche à la mouche, donc très  amusant à faire mais loin d’être aussi professionnel que je le voudrais. Un aperçu, qu’il faut prendre avec une bonne dose d’humour, de nos aventures en Nouvelle-Calédonie avec mon ami (et autre fanatique de pêche à la mouche) Stéphane Allier.